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#14 Posted Friday June 18th 2010 I don't know.

12:37 -!- Irssi: Starting query in freenode with QUE
12:37 <QUE> hi
12:39 <boxxertrumps> hi
12:39 <boxxertrumps> you wanted something
12:39 <QUE> are you familiar with sending jobs to cluster stuff?
12:39 <QUE> do you have time?
12:39 <boxxertrumps> not at all.
12:39 <boxxertrumps> not at all familiar
12:40 <QUE> it's just using pub keys ,etc
12:40 <QUE> one sec.
12:40 <boxxertrumps> i really wouldn't know.
12:40 <QUE>
12:40 <QUE> - return compressed tar file containing job
            output files.
12:41 <boxxertrumps> never heard of this stuff before
12:41 <QUE> do you know what is .__fileTimeMarker ,etc
12:41 <boxxertrumps> not really
12:41 <QUE> who should i ask?
12:42 <boxxertrumps> i really have no clue. maybe in the host OS channmel?
                     ##linux or ##windows?

#13 Posted Sunday February 21/10 TNSTAAFL?
#11 Posted Thursday November 19/09 Watched Sicko for the first time...

I didn't know that the US's Ex-President Nixon was responsible for handing over control of their healthcare system to the industry. It's quite interesting how alien the concept of government paid and managed healthcare is to Moore. Although, over the past few weeks It's been coming together in my mind that most of the underlying problems with the US, from the patenting of medical research to rediculous new extentions on copyright being pushed through congress, are from the steadily increasing control "corporate america" has on the scociety. There's a huge influence US corporations have on the lives of privite citizens and the government process, through somewhat aggressive advertising/propoganda and campaign contributions/bribes.

#9 Posted Tuesday November 17/09 Left 4 Dead 2: Left 4 Deader.

The latest release from Valve launched today, but poor Ryan can't play because he has to work. I have played the demo breifly though, and my pros and cons can be outlined thusly:

  • More special infected
  • adren/boomerbile tactics
  • neater guns
  • "machete screensplatter gorefest"
  • "and you shall have my axe"
  • regular infected more troublesome, including riotgear
  • new music, nicer graphics
  • Geoff: "You can get a chainsaw in that game? I'm buying it."
  • daytime, spec infected easier to spot
  • special infected dumber, easier to kill when survivors stay in a group
  • when alone, too hard to stay alive, discourages exploration
  • Overall, this is going to be an awesome release, and will definitely expand the player base considerably without alienating the hardcore crew, unlike some other popular games... *Cough* World of Warcraft *Cough*

#4 Posted Friday March 21/09 Social Moshial

Wednesday March 18: Junk Food Movie Party at Kevin's. Lindsey, Sharel, Connor, Josh, G.I. Geoff were over for quite a while, with a brief appearance of Phil. Full Metal Jacket was watched, Fight Club aswell.

Thursday March 19: Depressing situation ended, wooo! Business opportunity possibly also ended.

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